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Dear Friend,

Would you like to make videos -- even if you don't own a camera?

Would you like to know which free video editing software will work best for you?

Would you like to have your perfect software installed and running at no cost to you in the next 15 minutes?

Hi. My name is Nerissa Oden and I'm a professional Video Editor. I've used video editing software since 1989 to edit everything from corporate demos to feature films, commercials, TV series, as well as my own home movies. I have also taught numerous classes and workshops to people on how to make videos. I wrote this guide to help you find free video editing software that's perfect for your home, business, or child, and that you can download right now for $0.  


"Nerissa I read your Manual and it's fantastic! You're a HG Wells of the new millennium...... You have invented a time machine! I mean where else can someone save days, weeks even months as easily as you can with the copious amounts of information in "The Ultimate Guide To Free Video Editing Software"! My favorite thing is that this tool will help and encourage more people to discover and enjoy the fantastic world of video production!" 

Mark Sturge
KMS Productions KMS Productions

Even though there are are more than 46 FREE video editing programs available on the internet (and 32+ to buy) -- finding them is no easy task. The confusing editing jargon, hype, system requirements, functions and worst of all -- the LACK of information about most products... It's not unusual to spend hours culling through misleading and mislabeled links and end up purchasing a lemon wrapped in pretty paper.  


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"It reads wonderfully--as if you're talking--and there's so much valuable information that isn't available elsewhere!"

Carolyn Banks
Executive Director of Upstart, Inc.
Bastrop Community Access Television

Video editing programs are NOT the same. Some don't allow you to burn DVD's or VCD's. Some don't even allow you to record from a camera or VCR! Still others are very limited on the video and movie files they let you edit with -- AND MAKE. Some generate royalty-free lyric-free music, some don't. Some come with visual effects, some don't. How would you know? Most video editing software companies don't tell you exactly what you are getting! Do you need to import animation files? Would you just prefer to own a video editing program that makes automated editing decisions? This ebook answers all those questions and MORE!

"I can't believe how much valuable video editing information you get in "The Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software". I've been in the analog and digital video editing world since 1992 and I would have given my first born to have this information when I was getting into the business. Anyone who wants to get started in digital video editing must have this reference ebook because it will jump start your business. In fact, just the bonus links you get are worth a fortune."

Bob Chambers

Finding free video editing software used to be time consuming, frustrating, and confusing -- UNTIL NOW!

In this first ever Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software, you'll quickly find the best free video editing software for you. You don't need any prior experience with video editing software because it's written for "real people" in plain, easy-to-understand language.  I even included my own video jargon chapter for terms you want to learn.

This informative guide shows you where to find everything you need. Not only will you find a comprehensive list of every video editing software program available (that's right EVERY program), you'll also learn how to pick the best free program for you. It's extremely user-friendly. All of the information is laid out so you can quickly find the information you're looking for.  I've even made direct links to all of the programs so all you have to do is click on the link of your choice.  

Here's what you'll get:

  • 50 links to beginner level software programs for the average person who doesn't know much about video and prefers to keep it that way.

  • 7 links to mid level software programs for video hobbyist, and video artists in need of multiple layers of complex movements and visual effects.

  • 20 links to professional level software program for true blue Professional Editors that make or want to make their living editing video and film.

  • Detailed comparison lists. I lay out every system requirement, features and functions, added benefits (like free support and free media) so you don't have to spend hours culling through hyped features, downloading software at random, or on the phone with customer support!

  • Simple download and install instructions -- that apply to all programs!

  • An easy to read comparison chart for beginner level software -- allows beginners to skip the gritty details, effortlessly compare software, and choose with confidence!

  • Video jargon chapter that even your children can understand.

  • My honest unbiased personal reviews. I'm not making one dime on my software reviews, and this ebook is affiliate-link free!

  • A simple rating system that quickly sums up the reviews so you choose with a glance and go directly to download!

  • (In case you weren't counting, you will get links to every video editing program I could find -- that's a whopping 77+ video editing software programs!)

  • PLUS -- my exclusive bonus guide "The Free & Royalty-free Media Guide for Video Editors"

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"This book saved me time and money. I found the right software in about 5-minutes. I used the FREE Video Editing software to make a video that helps me sell my book online.  If you want to create and edit videos on your computer, you gotta get this book."

Cyndi Smasal
Author of Hope For Healing Liver Disease in Your Dog

If you're thinking of BUYING video editing software 

The Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software is your comprehensive resource for EVERY video editing software program. If you're thinking of going out and purchasing a Video Editing Software package - Don't do it!  At least not until you've read my e-book, found the right software for you, downloaded it for FREE and tried it for a few weeks.  Why risk spending your money on software that very possibly won't work the way you want it too -- when you can try it for FREE before you buy it!

After having downloaded dozens of software programs, and visited 200+ sites, I put the spotlight on the most popular free video editing software packages available online.

I tested them to see if:

  • they really work, and

  • if they are easy to use,

  • noted all their main features,

  • cataloged the type of media files (video, audio & images) they will recognize -- and make, when you're movie is complete,

  • made sure they allowed recording TO and FROM cameras and VCRs,,

  • and listed every mention of free media/tech support/plug in software (additional software you can buy for your editing program),


I even tell you up front which software is free and which is a free trial!

And, oh yes, let's not forget unlike some software reviewers, I did not accept any payment or bonus in exchange for a favorable review. This ebook has NO affiliate links -- I don't make any money from referring you to any of the software sites.

In essence, when you buy my book, you'll get my professional unbiased opinion and advice about video editing software programs based completely on my direct and personal experience from downloading, using and dissecting each product.

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You will not find this exclusive super bonus anywhere, and it's yours FREE when you order now!

The Free & Royalty-Free Media Guide for Video Editors is your blockbuster resource for free video clips, graphics, photos, and audio files that turn ordinary video projects into professional looking video footage.

Here's what you'll get:

  • 8 direct links to sites with Free Video clips.

  • 19 direct links to sites with Free Graphics / Photos.

  • 8 direct links to sites with Free Audio / Music clips.

  • 29 direct links to royalty-free video sites.

  • 23 direct links to royalty-free graphic / photo sites.

  • 12 direct links to royalty-free audio / music sites.

  • 6 direct links to sample sites with stock video and photos.

How much is your time worth?

Listen, you don't have to buy this book to get the free video editing software.  It's out there waiting for you to find it.  But think about this for a minute.  Buy my book for $19.99 and spend 5-minutes looking at the comparison chart.  Read the reviews of each software.  And in less than 15-minutes you can find the free video editing software that's right for you.  You just eliminated countless hours of search and research time!  

Is it worth it to you to pay a few bucks to find everything you need to start making great videos in less than 15 minutes?

Click to order the Ultimate Guide to FREE Video Editing Software now! You'll be redirected to the order page with SECURE processing. Once your order is processed, you will be granted immediate access to a download page where you can download the e-book and the bonus.  

"Wow! Just the direct hot links to all the software is alone a priceless resource in this smart e-book. But the helpful tips, insights, and professional guidance make this guide an essential tool. I already found some things I'm going to download and start using on my sites. I didn't know all of this existed---and much of it for free!"

-- Dr. Joe Vitale, #1 Best-Selling Author of
Spiritual Marketing

There is absolutely no way that you can lose - except by passing on this e-book. I personally guarantee that you'll find what you need. You get to be the judge. You'll take absolutely no risk with my:

100% Satisfaction, Full 30-Day
Money Back Risk-Free GUARANTEE!

My policy is simple.  If you are not 100% satisfied at any time 30 days after your purchase let me know and I'll issue you a 100% no hassles refund immediately, right on the spot. Plus the free bonus is yours to keep regardless, just for your trouble.

No clauses, no conditions - it's as simple as that. Meaning that your purchase is absolutely risk-free!

I'm the one taking all the risk for you... So, you can't possibly lose, unless you pass this up and don't give it a try! Order today!

So, what are you waiting for?

If you've always wanted to make videos on your computer, here's the one e-book that can make your experience faster, easier and more rewarding that you've ever thought possible.

If you're serious about making videos in the fastest time possible, you owe it to yourself to
get started the right way. Click here to order now to get the book and the free bonus.

Say it with video!

P.S. -- Remember, you'll get the "Ultimate Guide to Free Video Editing Software" e-book and the exclusive super-bonus: "Free & Royalty-Free Media Guide for Video Editors" for only $19.99

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